Improving Raspberry Pi 5 Power Efficiency with One Simple Fix

Improving Raspberry Pi 5 Power Efficiency with One Simple Fix

The Raspberry Pi 5 is the latest standout single-board computer in the market, so new that users are still discovering its peculiarities.

One notable peculiarity is the unexpectedly high power consumption of the Raspberry Pi 5 when powered down. Despite halting the System on Chip (SoC), it retains power and consumes over a watt even in standby mode. This is due to certain HATs having issues when the 3V3 rail shuts down while the 5V rail remains active. When does this happen? For example, when you've completely powered off the SoC, but still have the 5V power supply plugged into your Pi 5.

The default setting, POWER_OFF_ON_HALT=0, maintains continuous power consumption.

There is a simple and straightforward fix.

To implement the fix:

  1. Run sudo rpi-eeprom-config -e to edit the EEPROM config.

  2. Confirm the following settings:
  1. Save and reboot.

This adjustment reduces power consumption during shutdown from 1-2W to 0.01W or less. While the default setting addresses HAT compatibility, users can consider advocating for a universal default of POWER_OFF_ON_HALT=1.

Enabling this setting doesn't compromise functionality; the power button and red LED still operate, and the RTC maintains time for watchdog-related functions.
This simple configuration change enhances power efficiency!

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