Shipping Information


Stock Levels

We keep stock in Sydney, Australia and leverage our supplier's stock around the world.
Stock in Sydney is available for immediate dispatch (typically within 24 hours). Stock coming from our suppliers will have a lead time. This lead time varies between suppliers.

Supplier Orders

We place orders with our suppliers on a daily basis.

As a vague guide - Maddy places orders at 6pm on:

Monday: Adafruit, Pololu, Sparkfun, DFRobot

Tuesday:   Adafruit,  Sparkfun

Wednesday:  Pimoroni, ElecFreaks, Elecrow

Thursday:  Adafruit, Sparkfun, DFRobot

Friday:   Adafruit,  Sparkfun, Pololu

Shipping Methods

Note: We are not accepting local pickup during the Corona Crisis!

  • Regular Parcel Post - $8
  • Express Parcel Post - $14


"Safe Drop"

We ship via Australia Post. Should you request Australia Post to "Leave in a safe place" or use "safe drop" you acknowledge that you are doing so at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable.


What is the difference between "Dispatch Lead Time" and "Shipping Method Speed"?

Dispatch Lead time is the amount of time between Little Bird receiving your order and Australia Post picking up (dispatching) your order from our warehouse.

Shipping Method Speed is the amount of time between Australia Post picking up your order from Little Bird, and it arriving at your address.

What impacts "Dispatch Lead time"?

Where the stock comes from impacts your lead time. If you order stock that's in our Sydney warehouse the dispatch lead time is 1 business day or less. We typically ship all orders that come in before 12pm the same day.

If stock is coming into Australia from one of our suppliers such as Adafruit or SparkFun, the dispatch lead time will be typically 5-7 business days.


How do I limit myself to ordering Australian Electronics?

You can use the Filter By Stock "Australian Stock" on the left-hand side of the "Filter By Products" menu.