Why have I been requested to supply a non-anonymising postal address?

Address Verification for Card Payments

At Little Bird, we are committed to providing top-notch service while ensuring the security and authenticity of every transaction. Due to the versatile nature of our products, many of our products can be used for ✅ good and bad. Unfortunately a lot of bad folks try to order from us and attempt to defraud us.

Why We Need a Non-Anonymised Postal Address:
To mitigate the risk of fraud, especially for card payments, we require a non-anonymised postal address. This policy is crucial in ensuring the safe and secure delivery of your order.

Parcel Locker / PO Box Deliveries

Alternative Payment for Alternate Delivery Addresses:
We understand that some customers prefer or require shipment to a Parcel Locker or PO Box. We accommodate this preference under any of the following condition:

  • Payment Through PayPal: If you choose to have your order shipped to a Parcel Locker or PO Box, please make your payment through PayPal. This ensures coverage under PayPal's seller protection policy.
  • You're a previous well-known customer

Expedited Shipping

We pride ourselves on our incredibly fast shipping. However, certain factors can affect the speed of your delivery. To ensure the quickest possible delivery, please avoid:

  • 🗑️ Disposable Email Addresses: Using temporary email addresses can delay order processing.
  • 🆕 Newly created Email Addresses: Using a newly created email address can delay order processing.
  • 🥸 Proxy/VPN Use: Orders placed through a proxy or VPN may face additional verification checks.
  • ☣️ High-Risk Email Providers: Avoid using email services commonly associated with fraudulent activities (e.g., Tuta, Protonmail, GMX, SimpleLogin).
  • 📮 Anonymising Postal Addresses: Non-verifiable addresses (PO Boxes, Parcel Lockers, Suites, Mail Forwards, Freight Forwarders etc) can slow down the shipping process. Unfortunately we've found such addresses a vector for fraud.
  • Incomplete Contact Information: Please provide a valid shipping phone number and complete name details.

Refusal to provide a non-anonymising postal address

We understand that some customers prefer or require shipment to a Parcel Locker or PO Box and again you're welcome to use such an address if:

  • You've made payment through PayPal or Bank Deposit
  • You're a previous well-known customer

If you've ignored this and refuse our request for an alternative address, we can provide you with a refund less merchant fees (6%) or provide you with store credit for your the entire order.


Your cooperation in providing accurate and verifiable information helps us maintain a safe and efficient ordering process. Our aim is to ensure that legitimate customers receive their orders swiftly while preventing fraudulent transactions.

Remember: Authenticity speeds up delivery. To avoid delays commonly associated with fraud checks, please provide complete and accurate information during your purchase process.

For any further assistance or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.