Raspberry Pi RP2040 Chip

Small chip. Giant leap.

The RP2040 is here. The first chip designed specifically for Raspberry Pi based microcontrollers, it delivers high-performance performance, custom-engineered technologies at a low cost.

Key features:

  • Dual Cortex M0+ processors, up to 133 MHz
  • 264 kB of embedded SRAM in 6 banks
  • 30 multifunction GPIO
  • 6 dedicated IO for SPI Flash (supporting XIP)
  • Dedicated hardware for commonly used peripherals
  • Programmable IO for extended peripheral support
  • 4 channel ADC with internal temperature sensor, 0.5 MSa/s, 12-bit conversion USB 1.1 Host/Device

Code may be executed directly from external memory, through a dedicated SPI, DSPI or QSPI interface. A small cache improves performance for typical applications.

Debug is available via the SWD interface.

Internal SRAM is arranged in banks which can contain code or data and is accessed via dedicated AHB bus fabric connections, allowing bus masters to access separate bus slaves without being stalled.

DMA bus masters are available to offload repetitive data transfer tasks from the processors. GPIO pins can be driven directly, or from a variety of dedicated logic functions.

Dedicated peripheral IP provides fixed functions such as SPI, I2C, UART.
Flexible configurable PIO controllers can be used to provide a wide variety of IO functions.

A simple USB controller with embedded PHY can be used to provide FS/LS Host or Device connectivity under software control.

4 GPIOs also share package pins with ADC inputs.
2 PLLs are available to provide a USB or ADC fixed 48MHz clock, and a flexible system clock up to 133MHz An internal Voltage Regulator will supply the core voltage so the end product only needs supply the IO voltage.