Anonymising Postal Services and Credit Card

We price our products to be hyper accessible to both education and makers. This is achieved by eating into our margins, leaving us in a position where we've got to be hyper-vigilant about cybercrime and fraudulent orders.

The products that we sell are popular with both the good guys and the bad guys.

For this reason, if you want to use a potentially anonymising postal service, we need you to pay via Paypal or Bank Deposit.

Conversely if you're using a card-backed payment method (debit card, credit card, Google/Apple pay and the like), you can't use a "Potentially Anonymising Postal Service" at the same time.

Potentially Anonymising Postal Services include: 

  • Australia Post Parcel Lockers, PO Boxes, GPO Boxes, Mailbags etc
  • Australia Post Post Offices or Agents
  • Private PO Boxes
  • Freight Forwarders or Agents
  • Self Storage Units

Card Backed Services include:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Apple Pay / Google Pay etc
  • or anything you can swipe, tap, or wave...

You may be asking "why do we do this", here are our reasons: 

  1. Australia Post and other postal providers do not provide us with the necessary assistance to resolve fraud matters
  2. When attempting to resolve "chargeback claims", Credit Card companies require proof of delivery that cannot be provided through potentially anonymising postal services
  3. We've found that Cargebacks + Potentially Anonymising Postal Services == Laws of Thermodynamics (we can't win, we can't break even, we will lose)

Q: My home or work address is poorly serviced by Australia Post, or otherwise unsafe, I need to use a non-home/work postal service.

A: Not a problem, just pay choose Paypal or Bank Deposit at checkout and we'll ship out to the address of your choice.

Q: I don't have a Paypal account, do I need to sign up for one?

A. No worries, you can use a EFT Bank Deposit instead.

Q: So what about common sense?

We believe in common sense. If you're a customer that has ordered from us before and we have a relationship with you we're ok with shipping to a previously use PO Box.

On the other end of the spectrum we're probably not going to let it go through if you haven't ordered from us before, use a VPN (or otherwise bad IP), or a free/disposible email account.

Q: I'm using Apple Pay / Google Pay, that means everything is good?!?

Due to the card-backed nature of such services, they fall into the same bucket for merchants.