Reservation & Stock Allocation

How does allocation work?

We are currently facing limited availability of our latest products. To manage this, we have introduced a reservation system that enables customers to register their interest and receive updates when the product becomes available.

As stock arrives from our suppliers, we promptly inform those on the reservation list about the new stock. We distribute the stock between a range of kits and individual units, both of which tend to sell out quickly.

Any remaining stock is then offered to the subsequent group on the waiting list as an early purchasing opportunity. This offer does not affect their chance to buy when more stock, designated for their group, becomes available.

So far, the stock we've received from our manufacturers has only been sufficient to satisfy a very small percentage of those on the reservation list.

Why not simply list all the stock online and allow open sales?

We carefully consider the fairest way to distribute our limited stock to ensure as many customers as possible have the opportunity to purchase our products. By managing stock through a reservation system, we can provide a more orderly and equitable sale process.

Simply releasing all stock online at once could result in a rapid sell-out, disadvantaging many customers who may not have immediate access at the time of release. Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering a transparent and systematic approach to product availability.

Why is there no "Add to Cart" option for certain products?

These products are exclusively available through an invitation-only process, as mentioned earlier, which is managed via the reservation system.