Breakout Kits


A breadboard for all your electronics prototyping!


Speaker pHAT

Turn your Pi into a Lilliputian ghetto blaster with Speaker pHAT!


Breakout Garden HAT

Grow your projects on Breakout Garden. It's the easiest way to use breakouts with your Raspberry Pi.


MLX90640 Thermal Camera Breakout

A sophisticated, hackable, 32x24 pixel thermal camera breakout! Use it to monitor the temperature of your CPU or coffee pot, or to build your own heat-seeking night vision camera. Works with Raspberry Pi.



Add a tiny yet convenient power switch to your Pi with OnOff SHIM!


Pan-Tilt HAT without Pan-Tilt module

Ideal for a mini CCTV system, this set of horizontal and vertical motion servos will give you Pi camera movement with a minimum of fuss.


pHAT Stack

A preposterous pile of peripherals on your Pi! Mix and match 3 HATs or 5 pHATs into a platter of functionality.


Drum HAT

Hook up these 8 advanced capacitive touch pads with LED indicators to start making sublime beats and control surfaces with your Raspberry Pi.


Explorer HAT Pro

Explorer HAT Pro adds a lot of useful tools to your Raspberry Pi.


Piano HAT

Unlock your inner Mozart with Piano HAT, a mini musical companion for your Raspberry Pi!